A truck-mounted concrete pump is the perfect piece of equipment for any concrete pumper having to work under extreme conditions or wanting to increase their concrete pumping productivity. However with a number of different manufacturers in the Australian and New Zealand marketplace, its critical to carefully consider the 5 critical factors before making a large capital investment in a truck mounted concrete pump.

#1 Reliability

Every concrete pumper knows that time is money. And today more than ever, downtime in the construction and building industry can be very costly. There is nothing worse than being back charged for costs and having your reputation tarnished because your truck-mounted concrete pump is not operational. It's very important to have the peace of mind month-in, month-out, year-in, year-out that your truck-mounted concrete pump is rock solid and reliable under all working conditions.

#2 Service and Advice

Keeping costs under control is very important in the competitive concrete pumping industry, so many concrete pumpers often like to service and fix their truck mounted concrete pumps themselves. This means you need to choose a concrete pump vendor who understands this fact of life and is set up to provide you with FREE advice on how to best service your concrete pump. Of course, they do offer their own expert service facilities, but they also need to understand that concrete pumpers want to save money and do a lot of the service work themselves.

#3 Availability of Spare Parts

When a concrete pumper need spare parts, once again time is money. The last thing you want is to be off the road waiting for spare parts so you need to ensure your concrete pump vendor has a large range of spare parts on hand in Australia so that they can be shipped same day or overnight. We all know that no-one can perfectly predict the quantity and range of spare parts that will be needed, so you need to choose a vendor that has the following spare parts supply policy from the manufacturer:

  •  Parts they can plan for - monthly sea freight; and
  •  Parts they haven't planned for - weekly air freight.

#4 Innovation

Financial success for a concrete pumper is built on years of trust and reliability so it's important to have a truck mounted concrete pump that is manufactured by an industry leader - not a follower. A leader that invests significantly in R&D so that their range of machinery are more reliable, are suitable for more types of work and are easier to operate.

#5 Resale Value

The final critical factor to consider when purchasing a truck mounted concrete pump is one that many concrete pumpers overlook and that's resale value. The price you get when you no longer require an asset will have a very significant impact on the total cost of ownership of that asset and therefore needs to be carefully considered. A truck mounted concrete pump recognised world-wide as being amongst the very best will always have a higher resale price as a percentage of the original purchase price. After all, if someone is buying second-hand, there is no better way to ensure they aren't buying problems than to purchase an industry-leading brand.

Value for Money

Founded in 1958, Putzmeister are known internationally for their high quality truck mounted concrete pumps. And in Australia, they've been proudly supplied and serviced by CPE Machinery since 1978. Taking into account the above 5 critical factors, CPE Machinery firmly believe that the Putzmeister range offer outstanding value for money. There are 9 major models in the truck mounted concrete pump range:

  • M 20-4 - A universal truck mounted concrete pump with only 3.9m unfolding height and a flexible 20 meter 4-arm boom.
  • M 24-4 - The specialist for small and medium sized sites, sites with difficult support situations, tunnels, halls and under bridges.
  • M 28-4 - A universal truck mounted concrete pump with only 3.9m unfolding height and a flexible 20 meter 4-arm boom.
  • M 31-5 - Almost unbeatable in tight spaces, this truck mounted concrete pump suits small to medium, universal construction sites, construction sites with limited positioning possibilities, halls, tunnels and below bridges
  • M 36-4 - The new generation of the 36-4 - an allrounder setting standards.
  • M 38-5 - Mega tough, extremely versatile - The new 38-5 is the most lightweight in its class.
  • M 42-5 - Versatility at its best - the new 42-5.
  • M 47-5 - Proven performance - the 47-5.
  • M 56-5 - First-class investment for ambitious targets - the new 56-5.

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