This little money maker can be fully supported on a surface no bigger than the area taken up by the truck with the driver’s door open. This allows an almost unrestricted flow of traffic, and gives you the flexibility to operate on sites inaccessible by larger truck-mounted concrete pumps.

Fits Where No Other Concrete Pump Will

Four short, flexible arms in a z roll and fold configuration, with an extremely low unfolding and working height of just 3.9 metres, provide maximum flexibility during use. Plus, with a 90 cubic metres per hour pump and 80 bar concrete pressure, it is capable of small fiddly jobs yet has the power to perform large line pump or plug in jobs.

The M 20-4 includes all the hallmark Putzmeister features (such as Ergonic Systems) and comes complete with world-leading 5" Esser Twin wall pipeline.

The Versatile Champion on the Road

On the road, the M 20-4 always cuts a fine figure: thanks to a 2-axis chassis with a small wheel base (min. 4,500 mm) it is safe and agile as it drives through the densest of traffic. Ideal for narrow roads and closely spaced buildings in inner cities.

Wherever a truck mixer goes, the M 20-4 is able to follow. Furthermore, its low truck height of 3.4 m makes driving under bridges and underpasses easy. The small support area is a great advantage in narrow passageways and the flexible Z roll and fold 4-arm boom is able to access the smallest of openings in a building without the slightest effort.

With hose extensions – attached to the boom end or directly onto the hopper outlet – the M 20-4 is the master of renovation work. A support area barely larger than the truck surface area A flexible 4-arm boom with a long reach and many possible uses.

State of the Art Equipment and Additional Features:

  • Unbelieveably small footprint allows you to set up virtually anywhere
  • Extremely low unfolding and working height to make small fiddly jobs a breeze
  • Has the power you need to perform large line pump jobs
  • Larger RS 900 hopper with hinged 90° delivery line bend
  • Storage tray on the left side, 5 m long
  • Stainless steel mesh pallets on the left and right for couplings

For more information on the M 20-4, you can view the full brochure here.