Barangaroo is a $6 Billion dollar spectacular waterfront precinct being developed on the Western edge of Sydney’s CBD and harbour, comprising parkland, offices, residential apartments, a hotel, shops, cafés and restaurants. It is one of Australia’s largest urban developments ever to be constructed, and arguably one of the most ambitious urban renewal projects in the world today.

PROJECT NAME: Barangaroo

LOCATION: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


De Martin & Gasparini – 4 x BSA 14000HPD High Pressure Trailer Pump and 12 x MX stationary placing booms


Lend Lease, the developer and builder of Barangaroo South, the southern 7.5 hectares and commercial hub of the site, appointed De Martin and Gasparini (DMG) the major concrete package for pumping and placement of all concrete to this area, which includes three high rise towers and the promenade. With enormous volumes of concrete required daily and CBD traffic restrictions, the project opted for an on-site batch plant to ensure continuity of concrete and enable project deadlines to be met. For DMG, this meant high strength, green star concrete of large volumes and high outputs needed to be pushed virtually from one side of this huge site to the other. For this some serious concrete pumping equipment would be needed and the Putzmeister BSA 14000HPD high pressure trailer pump was the machine chosen to get the job done

With direct feed from the batch plant, DMG placed their original BSA 14000 trailer pump alongside their two new BSA 14000 trailer pumps. In early 2014 a fourth BSA 14000 was installed to assist in pumping the many hundreds of thousands of cubic meters required for the project. With multiple pumps and continuous feed concrete supply, concrete was able to be pumped through the many kilometres of pipeline installed to any of the twelve Putzmeister MX stationary placing booms positioned throughout the structures.

Over 300,000 m3 of concrete was pumped during construction. DMG have now completed their contract and Lendlease are on to the next stage of development. Full completion of Barangaroo is expected in 2021.