Held in Munich, Germany, only every three years, Bauma is the world’s leading trade fair for the construction and mining machinery industries.

With 614,000 square meters of exhibition space, it is also the world’s largest trade show! It is here that you can experience the entire industry in one place, with all the international key players and all the innovations, technologies and trends. Over 620,000 visitors attended this year.

As an industry leader, Putzmeister did not disappoint, once again justifying its reputation as the leading and most innovative company in the concrete pump sector. Driven by their focus on Connectivity, Efficiency, the Human Machine Interface (HMI), Safety and Service, Putzmeister continue to build in added value to the powerful and extremely reliable machines they produce. Some of Putzmeister’s key innovations displayed at Bauma this year include the introduction of Machine Cockpit, Ergonic 2.0 and iLS.

Machine Cockpit

Machine Cockpit is an important step forward for Putzmeister in their commitment to a digital future. They are focused on making the transition to a digital future easy for Putzmeister users, by developing simple and easy to operate tools that allow users to work more economically, efficiently and safely with their concrete pumps. Putzmeister Machine Cockpit is an information hub, that allows truck-mounted concrete pumps to be fully networked, enabling real time information to be accessed from anywhere, at any time. This includes information on the status of pumps at the jobsite, critical alerts, remote diagnosis to identify faults and implement appropriate measures, key figures for delivery rate, machine use and fuel consumption, alerts and tracking when machines are on the move and reminders for maintenance. The result? Less downtime, increased productivity and increased safety.

It also enables highly efficient fleet management, as companies are able to have a complete overview of their fleet at all times and analyse data to reduce unproductive times, wear and fuel consumption across their fleet.

The best news? Customers who buy a new machine equipped with Ergonic® 2.0 will receive these benefits as standard, AND older machines can also be retrofitted.

Ergonic® 2.0

Putzmeister innovations always aim to reduce operating costs and increase efficiency. Ergonic Output Control (EOC) 2.0 is the perfect example of this. EOC 2.0 saves wasted fuel due to reduced engine speed and optimized pump control. This is a standard feature for new machines that can also be retrofitted.

Ergonic® is the control centre that watches over all functions of pumps and placing booms. The user is not normally aware of this complexity, because intuitive operation gives the sense that the machine is operating (almost) autonomously.

Ergonic® 2.0 effectively supports the operator to make their machine ready for use quickly and ensure the processes are carried out extremely productively, while generating less wear and saving fuel. However Ergonic 2.0 doesn’t just control processes – it forms the link between the operator and the machine – the Human Machine Interface (HMI). Thanks to the central control system, all functions can be carried out precisely using the ergonomic radio remote control. Now 30% lighter, this remote control can be used as either a radio or cable remote control and features a high resolution colour display which allows the operator to see all relevant machine data in real time. With a full overview of the machine, the operator avoids needless walks and can quickly react if parameters change, thereby reducing the sources of errors, and overall making work more safe and convenient.

 iLS core pump

Putzmeister’s iLS (intelligent Low Stroke) core pump is a revolutionary new truck mounted concrete pump design that provides greater efficiency, with less oil, less wear and less fuel consumption, resulting in significantly lower operating costs. It has been thoroughly tested in the field and offers the following benefits:

  • Fuel savings of up to 25% thanks to the intelligent control and use of EOC 2.0
  • 3% increased efficiency through the prevention of hydraulic piston leak oil
  • 10% better suction behaviour thanks to the elimination of constrictions in the concrete flow path
  • Maximum performance with minimum operating costs
  • Optimised conveying unit – ideal for the most difficult concrete mixes
  • Automatic stroke correction without pump interruption
  • Reduced wear (for long service life), thanks to larger cylinder diameters and fewer strokes
  • More durable components because the stroke length compensation no longer occurs in the end position, thus pressure peaks are prevented
  • High conveying capacities, quiet running and durability even under extreme conditions
  • Improved accessibility simplifies maintenance and service work

With higher conveying capacities, the new iLS concrete pumps are more powerful and longer lasting than ever before, and therefore extremely cost effective. Selected models will be available with iLS in Australia from mid year, expanding to the full truck mounted concrete pump range over the coming year.